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Telecommunications Act

The following Licences are defined in the act:

Individual Licence

Class Licence

Special Licence

Exemption From Licence

Frequency Authorisation

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Licensing and Frequency Authorisation

This regulation applies to the submission and determination of

applications for individual, class, special licences, dealer's permits,

frequency authorisations and any exemption from requirements to obtain a licence.

Applications forms outlined by the Gazette is as follows:

Individual Licence Application Form- Schedule I - pages 22 to 40

Class Licence Application Form - Schedule 2 - pages 41 to 56

Special Licence Application Form - Schedule 3 - pages 57 to 67

Exemption Application Form - Schedule 4 - pages 68 to 83

Frequency Authorisation Application Form - Schedule 5 - pages 84 to 110

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Spectrum Management

 This regulation applies to the management of the use of spectrum in Guyana

and to the use of the spectrum and radiocommunication

equipment by any person

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Universal Access
and Universal Services

Thus regulation applies to every operator and service provider and governs

the administration, financing and requirements of

the provision of universal access and universal services. 

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Interconnection and Access

This regulation applies to every operator and service provider with respect to the

interconnection of its telecommunications networks and telecommunications services

with other operators and service providers of telecommunications

networks and telecommunications services.

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This regulation applies to the wholesale and retail pricing of telecommunications

networks and services which entails pricing of interconnection,

access, collocation, or the joint use of facilities or utility installations.

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Consumer Protection

This regulation applies to the provision of telecommunications access

as it complies with the Community's Competition Commission (Article 186 of the Treaty)

and the protection of consumers under the Consumer Affairs Act 2011

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This regulation refers to how competition is affected in the market

and this regulation serves to promote, maintain

and encourage competition and enhance economic efficiency in telecommunications

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